An aetheric framework, or more simply a framework, is a metaphysical concept common to all variations of the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

Frameworks have been in existence since the aether was first created by the Source. They serve as anchoring points in the otherwise chaotic sea of possibility, as well as organizational methods for aetheric operations that directly affect the physical plane.

All frameworks have a creator, the vast majority of them being products of the Source; Deities, and in rare cases mortals, author the rest of them.

Purpose Edit

The reason any framework exists is to provide a mental anchor that allows complex processes to be accomplished with a minimum of effort. In essence, they are templates with the bulk of the required 'information' already filled in, with only a few blank areas remaining; this allows for significant customization of a process without the necessity of personally rearranging physical matter each time to produce a desired effect.

Magic in particular is only common in the D-Verse because of the frameworks that make it so easy to use; if not for those, very few individuals would be capable of becoming casters.

Functionality Edit

All frameworks are products of belief. They fluctuate in potency as that belief strengthens or diminishes; and when the belief is no more, so too is the framework.

Frameworks created by the Source are entirely invulnerable to any sort of tampering, as the Source is effectively capable of an infinite amount of belief in itself and its creations.

Frameworks created by the Deities are primarily subject to the whims of the Deities, which vary according to the Deity in question. Though it is theoretically possible for a sufficient amount of mortal belief to modify a Deity-sourced framework, it is more likely that a Deity would simply allow it to happen just to observe the effects.

Frameworks created by mortals, whether ordinary people or Lords, are considerably more volatile than any others. In general, death of the creator results in annihilation of the framework, though with sufficient belief from other individuals a framework may persist for many years.