An aetheric pattern is a unique aetheric construct that allows positive identification of an individual soul in the D-Verse.

Origin and purpose Edit

Aetheric patterns first came into existence along with the creation of the aether itself, since they were part of the original design. Subsequent patterns self-generate as dictated by certain circumstances (see Lifespan below).

The entire purpose for the existence of any aetheric pattern is to serve as a marker for a soul, first to show in a sense 'where' it is (or at least its general location and what, if anything, it's connected to), and second to identify it in a manner that provides a clear distinction between it and any other soul in existence.

Characteristics Edit

In its natural state (unaltered by physical features or other forces) the aether is vague and insubstantial, existing as it does across a broad expanse of time. Aetheric patterns, by contrast, are 'solid' and sharply defined constructs. Though their specific design and parameters may fluctuate at times, their organized state immediately sets them apart from the rest of the aether.

Aetheric patterns are not the same as souls, as is widely believed, though the two are closely related. An aetheric pattern is merely the aetheric expression of one's soul, not the soul in its entirety; souls can and do exist in places where aetheric patterns cannot, such as within scars and other anomalies.

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