Augmentation magic is one of the specialized forms of magic available in the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

Augmentation can be best described as experimental surgery, at least as it was originally practiced. The purpose of Augmentation has always been the enhancement of bodily capabilities; faster movement, sharper vision, greater resistance to injury, and many other things.

Successful practice of Augmentation requires certain non-magical prerequisites: knowledge of anatomy, for one, as well as physics and other scientific studies depending on the nature of the desired effect. Because of this, Augmentors - the practitioners of this form of magic - are relatively few in number, and they generally appear much later in a world's history than other casters.

Organization Edit

Augmentation spells are generally classified as being either temporary (enhancements) or permanent ('proper' Augmentation).

Enhancements are typically the more subtle of the two, remaining hidden internally and only detectable by observing their effects or using aethersight. Enhanced individuals, when not engaged in activities requiring their enhancements, are virtually indistinguishable from normal individuals; this is the primary advantage of temporary Augmentation. Unfortunately, they will not function outside a Zone.

Permanent Augmentation may be fully visible, such as attached wings, or occasionally visible, such as an uncovered Third Eye. This type of Augmentation is literally a part of the body and can only be visually hidden, not turned off. It also affects an individual's aetheric pattern, making them easy to pick out with just a cursory glance of aethersight. However, since they are permanent, they will still function in the absence of a Zone, with the exception of any aetheric projections that would otherwise be present; biological wings will work, but secondary mouths that shoot aetheric blasts will be present but unable to fire.