The Builders are a group in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse.

History Edit

Any use of the words 'the Builders' or any similar designation almost invariably refers to architectural design of unknown origin. At first, almost all ruins on the planet - unless specifically attributed to a known designer or civilization - were simply termed 'Builderwork'. With time and intensive study, due primarily to the diligence (or perhaps obsession) of the Invisible College, certain similarities began to manifest in the older and more valuable ruins. Within those similarities were also minor yet fundamental differences, leading to more accurate classification of True Builderwork.

Nothing has been discovered in Builderwork that explains anything about the Builders themselves, apart from their apparent architectural design preferences.

Builderwork Edit

As previously noted, any architecture of unknown origin was at one point designated Builderwork; thus the term True Builderwork has come into common use, to counter misunderstandings that may arise.

Common Features Edit

True Builderwork has a number of commonalities, regardless of the location or magnitude of the site or artifact in question.

(Obviously they should be listed here.)

whatever Edit

The one primary difference among the various True Builderwork constructions is the individual name each one physically possesses, termed the whatever.

At every conceivable level, from macro- to microscale, a certain pair of names is engraved or imprinted upon the work, the First Name or N1 a more general classification that may indicate a particular Builder (if there is more than one) and the Second Name or N2 a sequence designator. The N2 of a whatever is used in place of a number; as the various N2s are common to all True Builderwork, they may be parts of an otherwise unknown numerical system, though this has yet to be proven or disproven.

Some known N1s:

Some known N2s (chronologically earliest first):