A captain's crown is a control device typically used for spaceships in the Nameless section of the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

Once spacefaring ship production extended past the scout vessel stage and on to frigate-class vessels, manual controls for a single pilot were found to be generally insufficient. With this in mind, a prototype man-machine interface was created that would allow one individual to access ship controls and information without the need for a terminal or any physical control mechanisms.

Though the prototype was bulky and difficult to wear for extended periods of time, further engineering refined it in all respects - size, weight, bandwidth, and ease of access - culminating in the current design.

Construction Edit

A captain's crown is an unadorned chrome circlet with trace amounts of mindsilver, just enough to allow it to shape itself to fit its wearer. Further artificing, invisible to all but the sharpest eye, provides it with the necessary functionality to inject information directly into the optic nerves as well as other features like wireless connectivity.

Because of the miniscule size of the runes allowing its various functions, a captain's crown usually takes several standard weeks to produce. Broken or otherwise inactive crowns may be returned to an artificer for reconstruction, a process that usually takes less time than the creation of a new crown.

Features and limitations Edit

The captain's crown is the focus of all information and control in a spaceship, and is specially artificed to fill this position. It typically includes the following features.

  • Optic nerve overlay
  • Command-by-thought
  • Virtual controls (alternate command method)
  • Extreme-bandwidth wireless capability
    • Connects to ship database, and accepts simultaneous live input from all onboard systems.
  • Private messaging

Crowns of custom manufacture may include other useful features such as a Predictor Engine, limited self-regeneration, or enhanced software versions, but custom crowns are extremely rare and not usually sold. They are typically limited to military or government entities or the small number of individuals with private connections to skilled artificers.

While a crown is a powerful tool, it requires a conscious and well-disciplined mind to be of any use. Upon the absence of such a mind, whether through loss of consciousness or other factors, control will pass to the next person in the chain of command (if auxiliary crowns are active; see below). If there is no suitable receiver, all functions will revert to being the sole domain of the vessel's Core and will remain so until the Core releases them.

Auxiliary crowns Edit

Officers on some larger ships may be issued auxiliary crowns, which are nearly identical to the captain's but with a lower level of permissions, usually specific to the individual position such as science officer or chief of security. The captain may choose to override any of the auxiliaries' inputs or modify their access permissions at any time. Auxiliary crowns may be authorized to do the same to any other users designated as subordinate to them by the ship's network architecture.