Cassiopeia Porter is a character in the Tales of the Skycaptain section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

Ness's confidant and primary co-conspirator in her younger days, Cassie has always been content to follow her friend and support her in everything with unquestionable loyalty, regardless of (or perhaps because of) the sort of messes her headstrong companion causes. Though sometimes vulnerable to jealousy when others get too close to Ness, Cassie does her best to not cause her Captain any trouble by her actions. She is an accomplished marksman and prefers to keep her enemies at a distance with thrown weapons, but is also an expert with small blades for close combat whenever the need arises.

Appearance Edit

The First Mate stands at 5'9" with seafoam-green hair, deep crimson eyes, and medium-bronze skin.

History Edit

[Birthplace, circumstances of birth, family, friends, general backstory.]

Relationships Edit

The First Mate's guardian deity is Siguna, God of Sound.

Titles, Honors, Nicknames Edit

  • "Cassie" - shortened form preferred by Ness
  • First Mate - upon acceptance of the position on the Ebon Sapphire

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