A caster is an individual who uses magic.

Origin Edit

The term 'caster' comes from the qualification of actually 'casting a spell', rather than simply instructing or researching (though instructors and researchers may be casters as well). A caster is someone who personally uses magic; those who rely on artifacts to produce effects are not considered casters.

Casting mechanics Edit

Different types of magic require different actions in order to be used, though there are some similarities. The specifics of each present the most common difficulty in learning magic, and are explored in detail on the individual magic type's page.

  • Elemental/Conjuration: Draw, Shape, Release
  • Deception/Blood: Perceive, Alter
  • Augmentation/Engineering: Define, Alter, Redefine
  • Necromancy: Define, Transfer, Direct
  • Summoning: Connect, Request, Disconnect
  • Chaos/Void: Demarcate, Fill

Subtle but critical differences exist between certain terms, most notably Demarcate and Define. Whether using Chaos or Void magic, Demarcate essentially cordons off an area of space, regardless of what it contains and intersects (or doesn't). On the other hand, Augmentation, Engineering, and Necromancy use the term Define in describing not simply an area of space (generally irregular, with boundaries following those of a physical object) but its accompanying behavior as well.

Define also shares a similarity with Perceive, though Define works to manipulate the physical by using objective parameters while Perceive works to manipulate the metaphysical with subjective definitions.

Categorization Edit

There are various terms in use to describe someone who uses magic, as well as the type of magic they use. This list is neither all-inclusive nor unerringly accurate; various dialects may have their own words, or use the same words with different meanings. In general, the terms wizard, magician, and mage may be used alongside 'caster' as an identifier for any magic user.

Terms organized by school
School or Type Terminology
Augmentation magicAugmentor, Enhancer
Blood magicblood mage
Chaos magicWild Card, wild mage, chaos mage
Conjuration magicsorceror, conjuror, arcanist
Deception magicenchanter, [be]dazzler, deceiver
Elemental magicelementalist, naturalist, * mage (fire, earth, etc.)
Engineering magicartificer
Necromancynecromancer, warlock, reanimator
Rune magicrunecaster, runespeaker, runecaller, runic mage, rune mage
Summoning magicsummoner, caller, shaman
Void magicNemesis, void mage

Terms organized by specialization
Specialization Term
Field magicbarrier mage, boundary mage, bubbler, field mage, wall mage
Healing/regenerative magiccleric, healer
Magic cardsDealer
Magic circle constructionscribe

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