A Chaos Construct is an AI-controlled object hostile to users in the Devworld.

Purpose Edit

Chaos Constructs were originally introduced in the second version of the Devworld, along many other changes that limited (and thus focused) the abilities of users. The original role of any Chaos Construct was to oppose the progress of users by force and finesse, using the same abilities the users have and a few extra as well; upon defeat, they also served as a source of resources and data for production or exchange.

Over time, as the control system for the Chaos Constructs was allowed to evolve on its own (as a separate system, but still ultimately subject to the Conjuration Engines), it gained a physical presence and subsequently established its own territory. Like the users, it now seeks to both defend and expand its holdings.

Classification Edit

Rather than being confined to a list of predefined Construct types as users are, there is a near-infinite variety of Chaos Constructs that may exist in the Devworld, subject to certain conditions like the area's chaos_saturation and the strength of any users present. Chaos Constructs are classified according to their location on two continuums: Power, meaning the energy limits of the Construct (max output, recharge, reserve, shielding, etc.), and Divergence, meaning the mutability of the Construct (not only how far it deviates from its base type, but how far it can, as divergence_current often fluctuates considerably).

Characteristics Edit

In general, a Chaos Construct shares most characteristics with its base type: size, orientation, and default skill set. It is easily distinguishable from user Constructs by its surface, which is a dull mess of black and white noise instead of the normal glossy solid-color appearance, as well as its complete lack of a Core.

With the right value of divergence_current, a Chaos Construct may grow additional arms or equipment mounting points, or may even radically alter its own structure to the point that its base type is indistinguishable, making it difficult for users to ascertain its weaknesses. Some may become more liquid than solid, creating additional difficulties for users. However, the nature of Divergence itself ensures that the more outrageous the form, the less likely it is to be maintained for very long.

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