Chesterfield is a character in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

Chesterfield - Chester if you're feeling saucy! - is the brainchild of Unu Nilium, and in fact is partially the reason he holds the name of Fantastical Mechanical Creator. Built when Mister Nilium was only a child, Chester has survived wild rides and hair-raising adventures and still come through in one piece - albeit after repairs, on occasion.

Appearance Edit

Chester is a clockwork construct made in the shape of a koala, and is equipped with small solid-fuel rocket boosters (rarely used). He stands 15 cm (almost 6"), perfect for sitting on someone's shoulder. Or head.

History Edit

(Birthplace, circumstances of birth, general backstory.)

Relationships Edit

Built by Unu Nilium; Chester sticks close to him almost all the time.

Titles, Honors, Nicknames Edit

  • Clockwork Rocket Koala - by virtue of design

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