A cleric is an individual who practices some form of healing art in the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

Originally, the term 'cleric' referred exclusively to a priest who would call upon the divine power of their patron Deity in order to perform miraculous healing. Any priest who desired to heal others was welcome, since without a specific Deity of healing or health, any member of the Pantheon could grant their priests this power without infringing on a particular domain.

As the original clerics from the Brotherhood of the Light generally restricted the distribution of their blessings to those who followed (or professed to follow) the cleric's own Deity, a market for other, less limited types of healing arose before long. Thus the term came to describe anyone who was able and willing (a 'practicing' cleric) to offer healing via the use of magic.

Function Edit

Due to the incredible versatility of magic in general, there are few schools, specializations, and variants that are not capable of healing in some fashion, though some approaches naturally yield better results than others.

Divine power Edit

Clerics in the original sense exist throughout the entire timeline of the D-Verse, as their effectiveness remains unquestionable and, for the most part, superior to any other method. They generally fall into one of two categories, being either fundamentalist (heal only those who put faith in the same Deity) or reformist (heal all ailments regardless of faith or unbelief).

Elementalism Edit

Practitioners of elemental magic have several routes available, depending on their individual strengths. For those only using physical elements, the best matches are earth to flesh, water to blood, air to breath, and fire to pulse. Though generally imperfect, manipulation of the body in this fashion is usually enough to stabilize a patient from all but the most grievous injuries. Balancers or harmonizers generally do a better job healing with this approach.

Another option is to convert the injured part of the body into pure elemental energy (of any kind, which is the primary advantage of this approach), enhance it with additional energy from the appropriate elemental plane, and reverse the conversion to leave the patient whole. Although this method is intended for Focus elementalists, it is best left to those superbly skilled in their element of choice; the conversion process is complex and liable to go catastrophically awry if not delicately controlled.

Finally, elementalists who have attuned themselves to the elements such that their bodies are partially or wholly composed of elemental material may heal themselves or others like them simply by drawing additional elemental energy and placing it appropriately. The same technique may be used on thoroughly contaminated or otherwise damaged elemental spirits.

Conjuration Edit

Although conjurors are limited only by their imagination, it takes a very educated and focused mind to imagine - as precisely as is necessary - something capable of repairing physical damage in a short amount of time. Without a clear understanding of the medical processes involved, hasty conjuration can do significant harm in addition to failing to heal the patient.

One common framework combines the form of a bandage with stimulants and regenerative agents to form a versatile cloth that can be cut to any size or wrapped around an area and secured. Once its medicinal properties are exhausted, the magic bandage may be maintained by the conjuror (to provide a dressing) or allowed to disappear.

Frequent use of potions, salves, and other medicine, combined with knowledge of their functions and effects, may allow a conjuror to duplicate them at a later time. The field of theoretical medicinal alchemy concerns the combination and use of these duplicated reagents in order to create even more powerful products without the expenditure of actual physical reagents; unfortunately, research by trial and error - which is generally the only available option - can be unfruitful, hazardous, or both.

Deception Edit

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