A conduit is a specialized connection to a source of energy.

Origin and purpose Edit

Conduits are either automatically generated or individually bestowed. The body of an elemental spirit or other similar being is created with a conduit or conduits by virtue of what it naturally is, whereas other beings begin life without internal conduits but may later acquire them through divine, spiritual, and/or technological means.

The purpose of a conduit is to provide a nearby (metaphysically) source of energy which costs less - or nothing - to use. Conduits differ from the aether-links normally created by casters in that a conduit is a permanent free access to the energy source with no additional cost to its user, where a typical aether-link requires additional energy to forge the connection between caster and source (and even more energy to maintain, if the caster intends to use it for more than a single instance).

Function Edit

The formation of a conduit requires a source of energy and a destination. Once formed, the conduit fills with energy from the source and replenishes itself as energy is drawn by the destination. (Note that 'energy' in this sense also includes raw elemental material and raw aether, not merely magical or divine energy.)

Conduits may connect to any source of energy, including but not limited to:

Limitations Edit

The power of a conduit is also known as its strength, output, bandwidth, and other similar terms. The primary measure of conduit power is the maximum amount of energy available at the destination over a precise length of time. However, the actual conduit power may not be fully or accurately measurable if the destination has its own power limitations that are more restrictive than those of the conduit. Members of the Pantheon, for example, may bestow a vast conduit upon one of their priests; however, the effective power is limited by how much the priest is personally able to handle at one time.

Since most entities capable of wielding magical energy constantly develop their capabilities, some conduits are power-limited by certain factors to prevent abuse; an elemental spirit's conduit power is limited to a preset value determined by the local planetary spirit, since elementals are effectively immortal.

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