A Conjuration Engine (always capitalized) is one of the five devices that stores data and defines and executes all operations in the Devworld.

Purpose Edit

The original purpose of the five Engines was simply to provide pseudo-magical abilities to all Devworld users. Due to its close association with the aether, rather than the physical plane, traditional magic does not operate in the Devworld; the Engines were created to allow a rune-based form of Conjuration to be used for creation (and destruction) of all Devworld items and equipment, rather than setting a potentially dangerous precedent by allowing routine manipulation of physical objects on a primarily aetheric level.

The second and more limited version of the Devworld required a heavy restriction on what could be created by standard users, so the Engines were modified to only respond to certain commands as well as to store information defining those commands to ensure they were carried out precisely as intended in all situations.

Construction and appearance Edit

A Conjuration Engine is an entirely logical/aetheric construct, with no physical presence whatsoever. Its existence serves as the foundation for the Devworld itself, and thus it is everywhere (in terms of accessibility, for administrators or above) and nowhere (not having a single physical anchoring point). Each Engine is composed solely of information, the runes that define it also giving it the ability to exist; each is identical to all the others, with the sole exception of its name. Though a single Engine is capable of running the Devworld by itself, five were created and thus share the load among themselves.

When requested by an administrator or higher user, the closest Engine appears in the Devworld as a featureless black sphere that - when touched - expands to envelop the user and, if authorized, allow them access to the Devworld's administrative and maintenance functions. Anyone entering an Engine in this fashion is temporarily removed from the Devworld proper and flagged invulnerable and immobile, and their previous location stored for later use; the black sphere that represents the Engine will also disappear. Once inside, the user's dislocation from the Devworld blacks out their environment entirely; any requested information is then displayed in shades of gray.

Operation Edit

The Conjuration Engines operate in two ways: automatically, or as directed by an administrator or other authority.

Automatic Edit

Most of the time, the five Conjuration Engines are occupied with basic tasks of the Devworld: storing or recalling data, constructing or deconstructing objects, responding to queries, calculating formula results, or other routine processes. The Engines are designed to multitask together, in such a way that new processes will be assigned to the Engine with the least amount of activity. This is a very relative term, as even when the Devworld is in a highly active state, no more than 10% of any one Engine's resources are in use.

The Engines also take care of the rebooting process for the Devworld, which consists of the five steps of storage, shutdown, restart, recall, and rewriting. This is one of the few times when the five Engines are required to work in concert, as the rebooting process affects them all.

Directed Edit

Only one administrator can be logged into a Conjuration Engine at any time, though others may observe from within the Engine if the admin chooses to allow it. Each Engine is capable of performing administrative actions in tandem with the standard processes of the Devworld, though depending on how resource-intensive (again, relatively) the admin's requests are, more processes may be reassigned to the other Engines. Running of the Devworld remains the highest priority, so even on the off-chance that an admin request would require most of the resources of the Engine in question, it would delay or divert it as necessary to ensure the smooth functionality of the Devworld over all else. This feature is hardcoded and can only be overridden by the highest level of authority.

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