A Construct is the physical shell that surrounds a Core and allows it to interact with the Devworld environment. There are two main types of user Constructs (Basic and Advanced), as well as various subtypes differentiated by orientation; there are also several types of Coreless non-user Constructs.

Basic Constructs Edit

The most common type of Construct is the Basic Construct, a term which encompasses ten different subtypes of Construct. Basic Constructs are further divided into three tiers of complexity by their orientation. They all have roughly the same amount of overall power; specialized Constructs simply focus on certain capabilities at the expense of others.

Tier Zero Edit

The only Tier Zero (or in short, T0) Construct is the Blank. A Blank Construct is neutral in all three axes, having no strengths and no specific weaknesses. Because of its broad spectrum of capabilities, its power is unfortunately very low. Its plainness and complete lack of specialization makes it suitable for most standard missions as well as socialization in Devworld's safer areas.

Tier One Edit

There are three T1 Constructs that correspond to the three roles: Sword for Attack, Shield for Defense, and Staff for Technical. T1 Constructs have less capability (but not zero) in the other two roles to compensate for the additional capability in their primary role. Even with this limitation, each of the T1 Constructs are still fairly rounded and can perform well in most missions. Though less common than Blank Constructs in safe areas, T1 Constructs are still used quite often for routine socialization.

Tier Two Edit

There are six T2 Constructs that correspond to the three roles and the two positions: [n1] for Ranged Attack, Brawler for Melee Attack, [n3] for Ranged Defense, Guardian for Melee Defense, Caster for Ranged Technical, and [n6] for Melee Technical. As more specialized units, the T3 Constructs are at a severe (but not complete) disadvantage in certain situations according to their selected skill set. They are also rarely used for socialization purposes but may on occasion be seen in the safe areas alongside the other Basic Constructs.

Advanced Constructs Edit

Advanced Constructs are considerably less common than their Basic counterparts, as unlike Basic Constructs their blueprints are not freely distributed.

Tier Three Edit

There are twenty T3 Constructs that correspond to the ten Basic Constructs modified by the two foci, Light and Shadow. Their strengths are balanced by their weaknesses as the Basic Constructs are, but overall the T3 Constructs are about twice as powerful. Due to their rarity, most Divers use Basic Constructs in social areas in order to prevent becoming targets for data thieves and other unsavory types.

Tier Four Edit

T4 Constructs are the most capable class of Constructs, though their blueprints are exceedingly rare and closely guarded. Instead of being derivatives of role/position/focus combinations, T4 Constructs are custom-designed, usually with a particular ability or set of abilities as a primary attribute. There is also no required equivalence of power as there is with other Constructs, allowing increased capability in one area without suffering penalties in the other areas. They do still have their own orientation with the standard bonuses and penalties. T4 Constructs are almost never seen in social areas for the same reason as for T3 Constructs: their owners do not want to become targets.

Non-user Constructs Edit

Constructs not tied to a Core, meaning those without users, are typically called Coreless, Shells, or Hollows.

Friendly Edit

Friendly Constructs are controlled by the Conjuration Engines for the purpose of providing a beneficial service, such as data terminals, automated city-defense sentry guns, or transports, to name a few.

Neutral Edit

Neutral Constructs are accessible not only to users but also to enemy Constructs, to allow capabilities not normally possible for a standard Construct. Neutral Constructs are often things like transports or stationary weaponry which allow a more level playing field between users and their enemies.

Enemy Edit

Enemy Constructs are specifically designed to cause harm (direct or indirect) to users. Most common are the Chaos Constructs, mobile AI-controlled Constructs which may either be copies of Basic or Advanced Constructs or entirely new Constructs with new forms. Other enemy Constructs are typically environmental systems such as traps or automated devices which may be defeated with the proper timing or equipment. These Constructs are universally hostile, and as such they may be turned against the Chaos Constructs with a little ingenuity.

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