A Core is the vessel for a Diver's soul, which allows them access to the Devworld and everything in it. There are two major types of Cores, each with a different set of characteristics.

Generated Core Edit

A Generated Core is an empty shell created for a Diver upon connection to the Devworld. Without a Diver to occupy this type of Core, it has no reason to exist and will therefore fade within three minutes of inactivity; because of this volatility, they are often referred to as 'Unstable Cores'. They are created, maintained, and deleted by the underlying mechanics of the Devworld environment itself.

Generated Cores are easily recognized (if bare) by their faint blue-green aura. They are capable of generating any basic Construct as well as any advanced Construct without additional requirements, and are always considered to be of neutral orientation.

Static Core Edit

A Static Core is a pre-existing Core with additional capabilities not dependent upon the Diver connecting to it. Unlike Generated Cores, Static Cores maintain their physical (in the Devworld sense) forms indefinitely, earning them the alternate designation 'Stable Cores'. The one major issue with Static Cores is that they can only be used where they are found, rather than anywhere there is a connection point as in the case of Generated Cores.

Static Cores may be recognized by their reddish-orange aura, which is often several times brighter than that of Generated Cores. They are capable of generating any Construct within their parameters, though conflicting orientations between a Construct and its Core may reduce the effectiveness of certain capabilities.

Known Static Cores Edit

Designation Orientation Location(s) Current status
0046 "Archer" Ranged attack C43.1501.B76 Active - R76 343:53:11.27