The Crown of Destruction, also known as the Crown of the Firelord, is an artifact in the Rosewood Saga section of the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

The Crown was first dreamed into existence by a young pyromaniacal cleric, Alec, who fell asleep in the Forest of the Endless and awoke with the Crown beside him. Before that the Crown was merely a dream known only to a few, much like the Forest itself but on a much more limited basis. After manifesting the Crown has continued to hold a physical existence in one form or another.

Characteristics Edit

The Crown manifested first as a simple circlet of pure mindsilver, and since then has changed very little regardless of its possessor. It bonds to its wielder's flesh, and the more deeply one desires the power of the Crown, the more difficult it is to remove.

The Crown itself holds no power of its own; rather, it serves as a highly stable direct conduit to the power of the Firelord, giving it its alternate name. Repeated use of the Crown's conduit has two common results:

  1. death from overdraw, in which case the Crown may be found on a pile of ashes or at the bottom of a blast crater; or
  2. conduit formation within the user, in which case the Crown will slip off the user and be impossible to replace.

In either case the Crown is then available to a new user.