Cynthia is a character in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

Cynthia is a bartending mechanic, engineer, and adventurer, closely associated with Unu Nilium and occasionally partnered with Seraya as well. She keeps an eye out for anything - and anyone - of interest, and never lets go once her claws have sunk in deeply enough.

Appearance Edit

She is tall at 5'10" and somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 lbs, though a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells, and a little on the pale side. Her brunette hair is usually shoulder-length or a little longer, and her eyes are a quiet blue-gray (unless the Eighth Library is talking, in which case they are a shimmering white-gold).

History Edit

Little is known about Cyn's childhood because the writer hasn't actually thought about detailing it, or giving her a last name for that matter. Beyond that, she met up with Unu and Dharm some time after the formation of the Hunters of Lore and decided to join them; being a capable mechanic, her aid was much appreciated, particularly in certain hairy situations that came up.

During the final Lore Hunter expedition, Cyn was gravely injured by an unexpected attack from the site's guardians and rendered unconscious. The Eighth Library took the opportunity to start a symbiotic relationship with her, having itself been damaged; after everything was sorted out, Cyn was turned over to a hospital, both shoulders now artificial and metallic after their reconstruction by the Library, which at this point was inseparable from her.

Her memory still foggy, Cyn headed to a small desert town (still unnamed) when she was well enough, using her savings from Lore Hunter earnings to purchase a storefront that she converted into a bar and, upstairs, a living area/laboratory/workshop for herself. She worked there for a long time, aided by the patronage of Unu and the Dread Pirate Seraya as well as a few other old friends, and gradually regained her memories for the most part. During this rest, she designed a set of spiked metal covers for her shoulders and researched the creation of some very exotic drinks, earning both her Metal Mistress and Barmistress titles in the process.

The Library in her shoulders came to the forefront at one point, using its knowledge and her sleeping body to assemble the craft that would eventually become the Dawn Treader; after a brief confrontation with the visiting Unu, Cyn was able to properly communicate with the symbiotic intelligence and work alongside it.

Some other things happened, as they tend to do.

Eventually, Cyn and the Eighth Library fused completely into a single entity known as the Librarian; after that, she built the Last Library and secluded herself there, where she has lived ever since, watching over the Legio Libram as they collect and process data from all over the universe.

Titles, Honors, Nicknames Edit

  • Barmistress - occupational
  • Librarian - unity with the Eighth Library
  • Metal Mistress - fashion/occupational