The Dawn Treader is the prototype and, currently, only model of the Venture class of scout craft, as well as the first ship to be equipped with an aetheric ripper.

Specifications Edit

Not even going to try for this yet. It's got engine-y stuff and it flies! And orange cannons! And advanced navigation and targeting and displays and oh so much nifty stuff!

Concept Edit

The design concept was several millenia in the making, something of a pet project of the Eighth Library, the entity which ended up being its primary architect. The primary goal was modularity, which took the prototype from being just a ship to being the foundation upon which almost all the later scout craft will have been created.

Construction Edit

After the Library's transfer to Cynthia's body, it recreated the ship schematics in a mostly legible format so that she could understand and help the Library construct it. The initial build phase was completed by using the transmuted flesh of two drillworms, a class D solid aetheric crystal, and small amounts of other various unidentified raw materials; this implemented all primary systems except for the ripper and auto-repair, though at reduced functionality (half-size battery banks, low-grade crystal data arrays, etc.), and finshed roughly half of the overall design. A second build phase was completed after acquisition of the Core shards, bringing the craft to its originally intended state.