The Devworld is a persistent virtual environment that serves as the location of most events in the Devworld section of the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

The Devworld was originally designed by the Pantheon, specifically two of its members: Rosewood, Goddess of Design, and Eris, Goddess of Chaos. The idea was to create a world tied to the aether instead of the physical world, accessible by projecting one's soul into it (with the help of some technology), in order to be free of the restrictions of the body - an idea particularly attractive to those with less physical capability. Rosewood also proposed a control system for the new world that would allow the use of magic (or at least an imitation thereof) without regard to an individual's affinity for it, which Eris approved.

Development Edit

The original version of the Devworld was little more than a playground for any user that logged in, primarily due to the lack of world structure and the unlimited responsiveness of the control system and its form of Conjuration. After a test period, the goddesses determined that the overwhelming freedom was counterproductive; not only was there no basis for any sort of meaningful interaction, the system itself was heavily abused and nearly shut down when faced with the outrageous requests of some of the testers.

The Devworld's second version, and also its final form apart from the occasional minor update, was significantly changed from its open-ended origin. In this form, the control system - now called the Conjuration Engine - was remade to only respond to certain requests, and was separated into five identical (besides individual names) parts, each with more capability than the original and a high resistance to tampering. The environment itself was also redesigned, being mostly inaccessible at the start but allowing for exploration and expansion. The last and perhaps most significant change was the introduction of an opposing force.

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