Dharm Stadtium is a character in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

Mr. Stadtium is a scientist, engineer, inventor, and adventurer. He spends most of his time either in the lab or out in the field, doing his best to keep sensitive scientific information out of the hands of those who would use it to do harm.

Appearance Edit

He is 174 cm and 83 kg. He has blue eyes and black hair. He has a scar that goes from his forehead right around the back of his head (and gives him kinda cool hair).

History Edit

Born to a metalsmith and a librarian, the young Dharm Stadtium poured every bit of his abundant energy and curiosity into helping his parents, improving upon everything he could find. In time, his efforts caught the eye of Telluric Proficient Thomas Puniceus, who soon after meeting him ensured that he was formally inducted into the Invisible College. Under Puniceus's watchful eye, Dharm progressed rapidly, particularly after finding a friendly rival in the form of Unu Nilium. After a joint effort in which both earned their individual Aetheric Maestro titles, Dharm proposed to Unu the concept of a group that would safeguard humanity from anything that might imperil it, as well as exploring and uncovering ancient knowledge in any form. This discussion served as the foundation for both the Wisdom Project and the Hunters of Lore.

This is where Wisdom Project and Lore Hunter exploits go.

This is where post-breakup stuff happens.

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