The Diaspora, when capitalized, refers to the spreading of the Second Humanity to other worlds.

Overview Edit

In order to take the greatest advantage of the magical potential offered by Eris's creation of the Second Humanity, the Pantheon - all of them, to some extent anyway - interfered in the course of events to bring about the exile of certain subsets of the population. This was helped along significantly by the Brotherhood of the Light's tendency to dispose of unsavory elements - artifacts, people, anything really - by throwing them into Gates whenever the need arose. All it required was a simple redirection of those Gates to whatever world the Deity in question wanted to populate (or repopulate, in some cases).

List of affected planets Edit

Terra Edit

Albeit in the negative sense, as certain types of magic effectively vanished from the planet entirely due to the Brotherhood's aggressive campaign against them.

Mu Shara Edit

The dumping ground for a handful of people (only one, in the beginning), who would otherwise not have survived on the desert world if not for the aid of Anakh.

Slate Edit

One of the rare examples of (mostly) willing departure, the incoming population consisting primarily of practitioners of Light and Dark magic.

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