A Dive, or Diving, is the process of linking one's consciousness to a Core (and in some cases transferring it completely). 'Diver' is the title given to a person who Dives or is at least capable of doing so.

Dive classification Edit

Dives are classified by 'depth', the amount of consciousness linked or transferred to the Core in question. For most Divers a shallow to medium Dive is the first and most reasonable choice, due to the lesser potential consequences of damage incurred to the Core and the Construct it controls and maintains.

Shallow Dive Edit

Shallow Dives present very little risk to the Diver, in exchange for considerably reduced perception and a complete lack of fine control. The world seen during a shallow Dive is almost dreamlike, having a rather ethereal quality due to Divers not being fully immersed in their vessels. This effect tends to produce mental instability and in extreme cases insanity in those Divers who spend too long in a shallow Dive, particularly Dives on the lower end of the link activity range longer than an hour or so. Repeated hallucinogenic drug use has been shown to lessen these effects, though with predictable consequences.

A shallow Dive is numerically represented by the consciousness link being active between 20% and 50%.

Medium Dive Edit

A medium Dive is numerically represented by the consciousness link being active between 60% and 80%.

Deep Dive Edit

A Deep Dive is numerically represented by the consciousness link being active at 100%, typically fluctuating 5% in either direction.

Abyss Edit

Beyond the Deep Dive lies the Abyss, a state of consciousness more in tune with the environment than is normally possible. Most Divers experience the Abyss as a noticeable time dilation where all senses are heightened, allowing for much finer control of the Construct and an extremely shortened response time. The most common drawback is a form of tunnel vision, making the Diver more or less oblivious to the environment beyond the target or point of interest in question. When Divers in the Abyss are focusing on their entire environment, they usually require a recovery period afterwards in order to bleed off the strain produced by their overdriven senses.

The Abyss is numerically represented by the consciousness link being active in excess of 110%. Most link activity gauges top out at 120%.

Termination Edit

Terminating a Dive can happen voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary or controlled termination can be a lengthy process depending on Dive depth, but if completed properly results in no lasting harm to the Diver. Involuntary or forced termination is instantaneous and in most cases inflicts damage to the Diver proportionate to the depth of the Dive being terminated, ranging from a minor headache (shallow) to blackouts, coma, or death (Deep Dive or Abyss).

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