The Divine Archive is both a library maintained by Tieria and the room in the Temple of Fortune that contains it.

Origin and purpose Edit

The Divine Archive was the first room Tieria created in the Cloud, designed even before his own living area. Though he originally intended to live there, the Archive continued to grow and expand beyond his original estimate, and so the God of Knowledge created a second room for himself and moved his personal items there.

The Archive's purpose remains unchanged since its creation, simple and straightforward, yet of monumental stature: to collect and organize all possible data in the D-Verse. Its mission has been condensed into a single statement that reads: Nothing is Insignificant; Everything is Noteworthy.

Structure Edit

The Archive, referring to the room, is a place of variable - and constantly increasing - dimensions, depending on the volume and rate of information acquired. It has only a single entrance, a variable gate connected to a small walkway with two arches; the two halves of the motto are engraved on these.

The Archive, referring to the information itself, is a single massive tree now known as the Tree of Knowledge that the room is built to house.

When Tieria first 'planted' the Tree, it was merely a sapling. Drinking richly of the information provided by its sensors the moment it was activated, the sapling grew rapidly, exceeding the original boundaries of the room in only a few moments. As the information continued to pour in, the space itself continued to enlarge to accommodate the Tree, which eventually formed a small planetoid and, later, an entire network of planetary bodies.

As the room lacks any other light source, the Tree itself is luminous - one of the most amazing sights to behold, a lattice of glowing bluish-green hanging in a featureless expanse of blackness. The entrance walkway connects to the trunk where the original sapling once stood, halfway between the roots below and the leafy canopy above.

Function Edit

The physical size of the Tree is actually irrelevant. However, as Tieria notes, it provides a very obvious indicator of the sheer volume of data the Tree contains; and, as it was a part of the original design, he is not inclined to change it. Every part of the Tree, from the bark of its roots to the skin of the fruit it bears, retains all the information of the whole. Thus the Tree could be reduced to a single leaf or seed, yet still retain its entire collection of data.

Data access is provided by thought cues during physical contact with the Tree or its various parts; the more concentrated one's thoughts are, the more specific the data provided is. In most cases, the required physical contact results from a journey to the Archive, the space where the Tree exists. However, consuming the fruit of the Tree provides the required contact as well; see Fruit of Knowledge for further details.

On the physical plane, the Tree cannot exist in all its fullness, for the same reason that a Deity cannot fully manifest: the physical plane is simply too rough and too shallow to allow it. However, its seeds may be planted on a suitable world to produce a limited version of the Tree of Knowledge, known as a Lesser Tree. This variant of the Tree is filled with basic knowledge of the D-Verse and far more detailed knowledge of the local area, specifically the planet where the Lesser Tree has grown. Its vertical growth stops at precisely 25 meters, though it may take a variety of forms depending on the characteristics of its host world.