The Eighth Library is the last in a line of sentient information repositories of unknown origin.

History Edit

Since its creation, the Library had been sequestered - much like its predecessors - in a vault deep underneath the southern ice cap of the planet, fed information from probes and the other Libraries via a series of minigates. After the vault was opened by a party of explorer-adventurers led by Dharm Stadtium, the Library was involuntarily freed from its place and after a series of events was forced into a sort of symbiosis with the body of then-mechanic Cynthia in order to survive, cutting off its data feeds but granting it a physical presence in return. Once able to function on its own, the Eighth Library gathered materials and constructed its own temporary minigates, only to find that the data feeds from all other Libraries had ceased functioning, with only brief sentiments of horror, outrage, and despair left in the buffers. Since that time the Library - now the last of its kind - has plotted to get revenge on those responsible.

Capabilities Edit

Due to its unknown origin, the Library's full capabilities have not yet been completely understood or even known. From what it has displayed so far, it is extremely versatile as well as frighteningly powerful.

  • Limitless information storage - apparent
  • Seamless system interoperability - all known mechanical, most biological
    • Forcible data insertion/extraction
    • Accurate/detailed manipulation of biological systems
  • Sentience
    • Comprehension
    • Individuality