Eris is the Goddess of Chaos in the D-Verse, and one of the original members of the Pantheon.

Physical appearance Edit

Though widely thought to have a constantly changing, chaotic form, Eris actually appears quite stable in person, at least to the other Deities. "Of All Creation" describes her in the following passage.

She of the long and endlessly shifting hair, possessed of all colors and of none;

the deep and dark bronze skin, barely able to contain her divinely fluid grace;
the vibrant, piercing sapphire eyes that dart swiftly from one interest to the next.

A more accurate and less flowery description (which is not exactly the strong suit of any work in the Divine Archive) might also note the goddess's tendency to smirk and show her pearly whites, as well as the way her 'divinely fluid grace' tends a bit more towards the literally fluid than perhaps it should. Taking on a rainbow of colors, or fading all the way through the spectrum from one end to the other, is really the extent of Eris's 'endlessly shifting' hair; most of the time she maintains an appearance for at least a few minutes before changing it to something else. She does have shifty eyes, but only sometimes; it tends to be a result of mischievousness, rather than an actual attention deficit.

Personality Edit

Continuing from the previous quote above, "Of All Creation" follows with this note on the goddess.

She delights in the powerful unpredictability that life itself brings, and where too little exists she provides the necessary spark, drawing hope and ambition from the maelstrom of potential within all things and returning it tenfold.

If anything, this is a severe understatement.

Even after bringing Rosewood to her side for something of a dampening, calming effect, Eris is still completely obsessed with lifechaos, specifically the idea that within all living things lies endless possibility for growth and change and much more. She has often gone to great lengths to unbalance the balanced and complicate the predictable, whether subtly or overtly, and holds that free will is one of the most important things to preserve. She is liable to distraction, however, if her consort is being affectionate - as is often the case.

Manifestation Edit

The Goddess of Chaos's terrestrial representation comes in a wide variety of forms, most often (but not exclusively) female, with hair of varying dimensions but usually somewhere between hip- and knee-length. Her most favored form at any given moment is dictated by her consort's mood and interests, but she generally defaults to dark bronze skin and bright silver hair with a suffusion of some pastel color, to match her celestial appearance. She often selects long, loose and flowing clothing, much like her hair, in order to enhance the visual effect of her fluid movements. Only rarely does Eris employ jewelry in her outfits, and at those times she relies exclusively on Rosewood to provide ornamentation.

Eris rarely deigns to use magical tools, content to mold and manipulate the raw stuff of chaos with - quite literally - her own two hands.