Fate Chess is a game played in the Devworld.

Purpose Edit

Fate Chess is used to add entertainment to the decision-making process. Despite the name, it involves neither Fate (as the players choose the course of everything) nor Chess (actually it resembles competitive tarot more than anything else).

Game board Edit

In theory, Fate Chess can be played on any flat surface; in practice, every known game has taken place atop the Great Chessboard of Fate. It is a rather plain-looking table of dark wood, with folding legs and random designs in white paint on the top. The white markings really have no effect on any game that is played on the table. Much like the name of the game itself, the Great Chessboard of Fate is in actuality the antithesis of its own name; it is a rather cheap design, has nothing to do with chess in form or function, and likewise nothing to do with fate, either.

Cards Edit

Cards used in Fate Chess are 3"x5" with various levels of artwork; some cards are blank and meant to be written or drawn on, and usually include 'Custom' somewhere in the title, such as the End Variable: Custom Artifact card. Every individual who plays Fate Chess has their own deck of cards, and it is highly improbable (though not impossible) to find identical cards in two different decks. A player may choose to copy an opponent's card in name, but common courtesy dictates that the artwork must be different; and true Fate Chessmasters are nothing if not courteous.

Known Fate Chess cards and owners Edit

Card Owner Artwork
Lady Seraya Seraya a portrait of the knight-general of the same name
The Twins Alpha a portrait half of Alpha and half of Omega
The Scorned Lover Seraya unspecified
The Inventor Alpha a portrait of Unu Nilium
Phlebotinum Shortage Seraya unspecified
Wet Dream Seraya unspecified
The Sevenfold Path Alpha a representation of the seven Schools of magic, with each one's symbol
Epic Mythology Seraya unspecified
End Variable: Custom Artifact common card thin black border, blank white background
Truth Seraya a beautiful and extremely high-faceted gemstone

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay is actually quite simple; two or more players take turns laying down cards and, if desired, making mysterious or amusing comments (particularly when an audience is present). The game is over when all but one player has forfeited or otherwise admitted defeat; players cannot declare a win for themselves, only for other players.

Most rules remain unwritten, at least those that deal with proper behavior and good sportsmanship, as such things are a matter of course for any Fate Chessmaster.

Specific rules Edit

Cards may be placed at any angle on the surface of the play area, but they cannot be moved from their location once played. They may be played face-down and revealed at a later time, but the action of revealing takes up the player's turn (unless certain conditions are met). Unless there is no space left, cards must be placed completely on the play area, not hanging over the edge or touching the side.

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