'Fire spider' is the common name for a class of autonomous land-based weapons fielded primarily by the Rose Kingdom, though other variants exist under other authorities.

Specifications Edit

Mk. I 'Barber'

  • Dimensions: 6m H x 10m W x 10m D (approximate, normal stance)
  • Speed: 45 km/h sustainable, 75 km/h over short distances (<1 km)
  • Armament: Type C thermal projection cannon ('lava launcher')
  • Role: medium-range fire support

Mk. II 'Mosaic'

  • Dimensions: 2m H x 3.5m W x 4m D (approximate, normal stance)
  • Speed: 30 km/h sustainable, 50 km/h over short distances (<400m)
  • Armament: industrial flamethrower ('Incinerator') x2
  • Role: close-range anti-armor combat

Concept Edit

The design is rather simple, calling for the primary weapon system (interchangeable) to be mounted under the main body, which is then supported by six legs. The prototype eight-legged model proved to be unnecessarily heavy for its role as an agile weapons platform, and so two of the legs were removed with no significant disadvantages.

Construction Edit

The Rose Kingdom maintains several manufacturing plants solely devoted to fire spider production. Considering their versatility and proven effectiveness, this is both strategically and tactically sound.