The Forest of the Endless is a location in the Rosewood Saga section of the D-Verse.

History Edit

The Forest did not always exist in physical form. Originally it was something of a shared dream for those of the second humanity, almost always occurring in the dreams of the more magically inclined. It was a place of peace and quiet serenity, suffused with golden starlight, and overall a blissful dream from which many found it hard to wake. Handcrafted by Dio, God of Time, it was meant to be an eternal dream world: accessible to all but ruled by none, a paradise garden perfect for meditation or relaxation.

"Have you been to the Forest?" was a common question to ask initiates of an order or younger children suspected of possessing magical potential.

Despair Edit

Unfortunately the influence of the Devourer spread even to Dio's timeless creation, and so it was that the Forest fell to corruption; slowly, but inexorably. Subsequent visits to the Forest haunted those with magical potential, rather than refreshing them. Gone was the softness of the dream world, replaced with a sickeningly hard edge. Gone was the starlight, replaced with a chilling, featureless black sky. Gone were the sounds of wind and leaf and water, replaced with the faint, unnerving crackling of the dream world being eaten away, piece by piece. Dio despaired as he could do nothing but freeze the Forest in its state, before it was lost entirely to the Devourer's influence. So it was that nothing remained but an island, suspended in blackness; a small section of what was once the most beautiful place in the dream world, marred by the unnatural stillness of Dio's sorrowful enchantment.

Destruction and Rebirth Edit

In time, the Forest was visited by the Goddess-to-be Rosewood, who after becoming an adult recognized the pitiful state of the Forest and determined that it would be better for it to simply be destroyed. As in a dream it had begun, so in a dream it ended, burned to ashes and the ashes burned to nothing by Rosewood's fury at the corruption that had been wrought upon a place that was once so divinely beautiful.

Upon waking from the last dream of the Forest, Rosewood found a ring upon her finger, a simple loop of white-brown wood crowned with a tiny emerald. Upon further examination she discovered the Inscription of the Seed on it, and so she gave it the name it would carry from then on: the Ring of the Seed. Eventually Rosewood found a suitable location to plant the Ring, and overnight the Forest of the Endless sprang into physical existence, forever free of the Devourer's corruption thanks to the combined vigilance of all of the Deities.

Characteristics Edit

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