Freyja is the Goddess of Battle in the D-Verse, and one of the original members of the Pantheon.

Physical appearance Edit

Freyja's normal or natural appearance remains fairly constant, "Of All Creation" describing it with some degree of accuracy - albeit somewhat incompletely.

She of the short and spiky hair, the burning crimson of freshly spilled blood;

the sun-darkened skin, its smooth surface interrupted with scars both old and ever new;
the emerald eyes of perfect keenness, effortlessly piercing the fog of war.

As usual, the words are correct, but they do not tell the entire story.

Freyja is what First Age humans might call 'Amazonian'; her height exceeds all other Deities save Dio himself, and though her skin is indeed smooth where not laced with scars, her heavily developed muscles show through it at all times. She usually wears her hair fairly short to keep it from interfering in battle, though on occasion one of her Avatars will wear it longer and integrate weaponry into its design. Her gaze is one of the few things that pierces not only 'the fog of war' but indeed anything that obscures sight, whether natural or magical, making her particularly suited to keeping Hekel's antics in check.

Personality Edit

Continuing to read "Of All Creation" yields the following passage, similarly accurate and incomplete.

Both a student and the undisputed master of conflict, Freyja descends to the field with violence upon her arm and a song of battle upon her lips; ever eager to match weapons and wits against her opponents, whether they be the greatest of the age or the spirited youth.

When fighting for the sake of fighting, as Freyja almost always does, she intentionally restricts her abilities to match or at least come close to those of her opponent. Though easily capable of decisively winning any battle by unlocking her full power - or even a much lesser measure of it - she prefers to make the fight last as long as possible, to give her time to feel out her opponent's fighting style and learn any new techniques she can. However, Freyja engages in battle primarily to feel the rush of adrenaline and to receive new scars to wear, not merely for the pursuit of knowledge as in Tieria's case. She also rarely uses magic for this reason, preferring to fight physically when possible.

Manifestation Edit

Since Freyja desires battle over all else, with as many different opponents as possible, she manifests in a wide variety of forms in every age group, culture, and body type, taking the clothing appropriate to each. All of them, however, maintain the same eye, hair, and skin color as her natural form, to the point that red hair and green eyes as the mark of a natural-born fighter has become an aetheric framework in its own right. As previously mentioned, some of her Avatars grow their hair long and weaponize it; however, the goddess generally sticks to her personal weapon Longreach.

Longreach Edit

Another pure mindsilver construct, the weapon known as Longreach stays with Freyja - and to an extent all her Avatars, too - at all times, whether in actual weapon form or disguised as armor or other accessories. At its smallest, Longreach forms a pair of metal knuckles; at its largest, it takes the shape of a bow or cannon as long as Freyja is tall, producing destructive force than can be scaled up even past the output of the Void weaponry common to the Nameless section of the D-Verse. This does not include any subsequent amplification, since as previously mentioned, Freyja rarely uses magic unless she has to for some reason.

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