A Fruit of Knowledge is a universally edible biomass produced by the Divine Archive, or more specifically the Tree of Knowledge.

Origin and purpose Edit

The Tree of Knowledge bears fruit as a consequence of its design; thus, its output is referred to collectively as the Fruit of Knowledge. Since the Tree is a single organism on a literally astronomical scale, it always bears fruit at some location, seeming to cycle every several thousand Terran years or so. A Lesser Tree also bears fruit, but at a rate dependent upon the characteristics of its host planet (or other body).

The purpose of the Fruit of Knowledge is simply to provide access to the data of its parent Tree. In the case of fruits from the original Tree of Knowledge, this includes data from all over the entire D-Verse, and everything else the original Tree contains; for fruits of Lesser Trees, the knowledge is limited to basic data of the D-Verse such as gravitational and magnetic forces and the location of certain greater landmarks - particularly aetheric gates - in addition to very specific information only concerning the local environment of the host planet.

Characteristics Edit

The Fruit of Knowledge - when taken from the original Tree - is round, almost perfectly spherical in nature, with a thin skin of bright red at the top shading to a softer red-orange near the bottom. Its interior is a soft ivory color with a crisp and juicy texture; the single seed at the center is precisely a fifth of the entire fruit's size in all three spatial dimensions, colored a dark brown and extremely dense.

Fruits from a Lesser Tree vary in appearance, as might be expected, according to the host planet's environmental influence. The most marked difference between the two types of fruit is that Lesser Fruits of Knowledge have no seeds; thus, a Lesser Tree can never reproduce.

The taste and smell of a Fruit of Knowledge vary considerably - even a fruit from the original Tree - but are dependent upon the individual, rather than the host planet. In all cases the fruit is pleasing to the sensory organs, but also has an uncommon aroma that directly relates to an individual's perception of knowledge itself; thus a fruit may often carry the scent of vellum, ink, electronics, or anything appropriate to the individual's experience.

Another difference between the two fruits is that a Lesser Fruit tends to leave its possessor hungry - sometimes literally *and* metaphorically - for more. Repeated consideration and exploration of the available data will eventually reveal gaps, which frequent data access tends to accentuate; thus, eaters of a Lesser Fruit will constantly - often, obsessively - search for the information that will fill those gaps.

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