A Hybrid is the offspring of an angel and a demon in the Rosewood Saga section of the D-Verse.

Origin and purpose Edit

Hybrids as a race originated at the beginning of the Second Age of Humanity, when angels and demons were bred to create them as suitable candidates for Eris's consort. Bringing about their arrival was the sole purpose of the Great Division, with the other members of the second humanity considered of relatively little consequence.

Characteristics Edit

The single physical identifying mark of any Hybrid is their glowing purple eyes. While not immediately obvious in direct sunlight or around other strong light sources, a Hybrid's eyes are a dead giveaway to their peculiar ancestry. Whether this recognition is hazardous or not depends greatly on the local population's history (see History below).

Hybrids are also volatile in a variety of ways, mostly due to the magical potential forced onto them by the conditions of their conception and birth. They have a very strong tendency toward curiosity, melodrama, and adventure, which if unbalanced may blossom into full-blown madness; thus it is important for a Hybrid to find a personal relationship that can provide balance and some measure of stability.

History Edit