The following text is taken from the writing inscribed on the Ring of the Seed.

  • For all is dark and menacing
Within the Forest of the Endless
The Earth itself locked in battle
Striving unceasing against the Corruption
  • A balance of a terrible sort
Draining life and hope from the living
But demanding nothing from Nothing
Leveled weigh-scales blackened with rot
  • Ageless battle eternally continuing
Despair without end or relief
No sign of change or resolution
Not even a breath of air
  • Then from the crack of Earth and Sky
The One comes who sunders and joins
Destroying Corruption, destroying Earth
Ending the deadlock with white-hot fire
  • That which passes was meant to pass
That which remains was also meant to pass
But as the balance was ended
So too was Meaning turned backwards
  • While the Forest, as the Earth, is no more
Its heart, its strength, are with the One
Waiting for release and rebirth
Within the embrace of a new Earth and Sky