The Invisible College is a group in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse.

Purpose Edit

The College is a loose organization of scientists, engineers, philosophers, and other thinkers, united in the cause of forwarding knowledge; specifically, knowledge of how the world works. They take in apprentices and shuffle them between their members, allowing them to learn in a variety of fields. Typically, an apprentice chooses one or two fields to specialize in.

History Edit

How this all started.

Mechanics Edit

The College has at least three statuses among its members: apprentice, Aetheric Maestro, and Telluric Proficient. There is no leader or head of the organization, as such a position would compromise the College's primary purpose.

Apprentice Edit

Apprentices are probational members of the College, vouched for by a more senior member and allowed access to the College's knowledge and human resources in order to better themselves. They must be recognized firsthand for demonstrated potential by the vouching member; no other justification is sufficient, and no other justification is necessary.

Aetheric Maestro Edit

Once an apprentice creates a masterpiece, they earn the title of Aetheric Maestro, or simply Maestro for short. As the criteria for a masterpiece is quite subjective, there is often a long period of debate before the title is formally bestowed; however, some accomplishments are of such significance as to render their respective debates short or even nonexistent.

Telluric Proficient Edit

Though one must be a Maestro before becoming a Proficient, possessors of the latter title hold no sway over the former. Telluric Proficients are simply Maestros that have devoted themselves to the operations of the College itself: tutoring, lecturing, debating over masterpieces, organizing data, and other similarly less exciting but still important functions.

Members and Disciplines Edit