Isis Domino is a character in the Tales of the Skycaptain section of the D-Verse.

Bio Edit

A deceptively fragile-looking demoness and the only one of her kind aboard the Ebon Sapphire, Isis is the combat and tactical instructor for the Sapphire's crewmembers. Though everyone else (save the Captain) is addressed as "Miss," Isis alone is called by the title "Lady," even by the Captain herself. Despite her cheerful disposition being somewhat abnormal for a demon, the Lady shares her race's joy of battle and is almost always at the forefront of any disturbance. A student of the University of Magical Development before joining the crew, Isis is quite adept with Augmentation and Conjuration magic and uses both to great effect in her own graceful and deadly combat style.

Appearance Edit

The Lady Domino stands 6'3" with black hair, vibrant crimson eyes, stark white skin, and two small crystal horns set roughly at her temples, all of which is fairly typical for a female of the demon race. When traveling or staying around those less than friendly to demonkind, she usually covers up her horns and face with a hood of some sort, as well as rose-colored glasses.

History Edit

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Relationships Edit

The Lady's guardian deity is Freyja, Goddess of Battle.

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