Lifechaos is the potential energy created by the presence and exercise of individual free will.

Purpose Edit

The reason lifechaos exists at all is to provide a measurement of the effect the actions of a single individual may have upon the D-Verse. Its main function, apart from that, is as an energy source with strength dependent upon the willpower of an individual.

Characteristics Edit

Lifechaos is a very volatile energy form, never constant, always either gaining or losing its potency from moment to moment. Because of this, long-time planar casters may find it difficult to handle as spell energy due to its direct defiance of the formulaic approach planar magic utilizes. The first time it is successfully used, however, a caster's lifechaos generally ends up increasing by somewhere between half to all of its original value, due to the mass of possibilities opened up by learning to use individualist magic.

An increase in lifechaos comes from one of two sources: the awareness and acceptance of possibilities, and the selection of one of those possibilities. Knowing and admitting to one's choices is an indicator of free will, while the act of choosing a particular course of action is the expression of free will.

A decrease in lifechaos comes from the opposite side of those two sources: ignorance or denial of other possibilities, and acting on the (ostensibly) sole known possibility, including the possibility of inaction. To deny one's potential choices is to limit oneself, and thus one's lifechaos as well.

As logic and emotion both play into the states and actions above, outside influences may have a dramatic effect on an individual's lifechaos, positively or negatively.

Usage Edit

The most common usage of lifechaos of any sort (not counting natural use by exercising free will) is as the basis for all types of individualist magic.

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