Light magic and Dark magic are the two halves of mortal-sourced individualist magic in the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

When magic was first granted to the D-Verse in its various incarnations, Eris was the first of the Pantheon in bringing herself low to reach humanity. She was the one who gave them the framework necessary to manipulate their own potential, their lifechaos, as a physical force. Light and Dark magic have been a part of reality ever since then.

Characteristics Edit

The two types of magic share certain characteristics that stem from their shared source, though in expression they can be diametrically opposed at times.

Difference in acquisition Edit

  • Light magic is based on self-sacrifice, and is drawn from one's own lifechaos.
  • Dark magic is based on selfishness, and is drawn from the lifechaos of others.

Both sides of magic require polarized energy, which is to say, Light magic needs Light energy and Dark magic needs Dark energy. The difference between the two, since both come from lifechaos, is the source (in relation to the caster).

Light energy is created when the caster targets their own lifechaos. It is act of sacrifice, where the caster willingly renders their own energy into a physical form. This energy may only be used to power Light magic; it will not function as a source for Dark magic.

Dark energy is created when the caster targets an external source of lifechaos. Whether taken forcibly or as an act of submission and/or devotion, any energy received from someone or something apart from the caster is usable only in the performance of Dark magic.

Because of the difference in the two methods, Light users may only become more powerful by accepting energy given by others (that is, energy that has already been sacrificed and made physical by another Light user). Dark users must drain the energy of those around them, or use an artifact (acting as the caster in this case) to drain their own energy.

Difference in manifestation Edit

  • Light magic is most effective when used purely as brute force, whether physical or raw energy.
  • Dark magic is most effective when used purely as a manipulator, in subtle infiltration and theft of control.

Light magic is at its most powerful when used in a defined manner, whether in an uncontrolled, raging torrent of raw energy or shaped into a specific physical form as weapon or armor; there is no value in subtlety with Light. Dark magic is weakest in raw form, by itself, and is best when combined with the physical or mental to enhance and control, as in spatial manipulation.

A sword of Light magic is simply a powerful sword. It may be more effective against certain creatures or able to cut through anything, but it confers no extra skill to its wielder - though it may act as an instructor if a spirit has been voluntarily sealed within.

A sword of Dark magic drains the energy of its wielder, then uses that energy to enhance its wielder's speed, strength, perception, or other attributes or skills. Once that energy is used up, its wielder will be weaker than before and must draw more energy - from themselves (via the sword) or others - to continue.

Similarity in nature Edit

As both types are drawn from mortal lifechaos, the nature of Light and Dark magic varies greatly, dependent on its immediate source. Some magic will be wild and emotionally charged, and some will be patient and unyielding, but Light and Dark from the same individual both take on the nature of that individual.

There is very little difference between the behavior of a Light user who uses their own energy and a Dark user who has an artifact to drain their own energy, as the rendered energy they both use is their own and thus has their own temperament. They may be a little more focused on their goals, but their personality and character will not change.

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