Purpose Edit

Occasionally when brainstorming, the authors come up with some random ideas thrown into the script that haven't (yet) been connected to anything else, bringing up a whole new topic to use for spinning tales. What follows here is a list of things - people, places, objects, and events - that haven't been placed into any of the stories properly just yet. When making a page concerning any of these, please remember to delete it off the list.

Loose ends (Steampunk) Edit

  • Aetheric ansible
ChibiUnunnilium: "Not a lot, really. Deactivating the clankdroids of the Shar-Bon Rek, stopping the plot to send hypnotic waves through the aetheric ansible, laying the first spike in the worldwide skyrail system..."
  • Aetherium cooker
* Cynthia sighs. "I know. It's just that..." The brunette presses a hand to her forehead. "How many have we lost already? To silly things, even. James and Jean to the aetherium cooker, Katherine to that asteroid-eating construct... not like the old days any more..."
  • Asteroid-eating construct
see Aetherium cooker
  • Clankdroids
see Aetheric ansible
  • King Leviathan
ChibiUnunnilium: "As long as the rumors of King Leviathan returning to reclaim his throne aren't true."
  • Legged sandship
* Cynthia arches an eyebrow. "Gold birds? ... well, bird-hybrids? I haven't seen anything that tacky since Varian Wright and that awful legged sandship of his. You remember, the one with all the gem-encrusted toilet seats and all?"
* ChibiUnunnilium shudders. "Oh, god. I'm pretty sure I still have emerald imprints on my butt."
  • Mechanical gryphon variants
* Cynthia fetches the Fantastical Mechanical Creator a fairly stiff drink and a good-size bandage for the forehead wound. "Been having fun off somewhere again, I see..."
ChibiUnunnilium: Ah, well, you know how it is, no mechanical gryphons come by for an hour and then you get three at once...
* Cynthia wipes a little alcohol-soaked cloth across the gash before wrapping it up, providing Unu with a stylish yet functional headband. "The ancient bronze ones, or the new ones that have cropped up recently? Silvery things with projectile feathers and such."
ChibiUnunnilium: Ah, thanks. This one looked more goldish.
  • Mindcrown of Nerathia
* Cynthia reaches over and pats the irate Unu on the head. "Well, there's always the Mindcrown of Nerathia..."
* ChibiUnunnilium laughs derisively and collapses on the bar. "Mmmmm, I c'n understand why they made it. Easy answer, right? B'not really. No easy... easy answers."
  • Random hot redhead (unnamed)
Seraya: I tried to save this hot redhead once... turned out the guy holding her was really her father. She didn't like it when I tossed him over the railing of their cruiser.
  • Ruby of Zendikar
* ChibiUnunnilium pleh. "Nrgle nargle... she's prolly gonna steal the Ruby of Zendikar or something." He finishes the water. "Women! Specifically, pirate women!"
  • Shar-Bon Rek
see Aetheric ansible
  • Worldwide skyrail system
see Aetheric ansible