The list includes all non-contiguous dimensions in the D-Verse, other names they are known by if any, and a short description of each.

Physical plane Edit

  • Also: Physical realm, reality, real world, physical world, normal space

The physical plane is the most mundane of places, governed by physical laws and limited to time travel in one direction at one rate.

Aetheric plane Edit

Main article: Aether
  • Also: aetheric realm, astral plane, spirit realm, spirit world

The aether is the focus of all magical effects, whether as a source or merely a conduit. It allows the traversal of time - and timelines - to a limited extent, as well as being a destination in its own right and a home for entities with no physical form.

Elemental planes Edit

Main article: Elemental plane

Almost every world is surrounded by four elemental planes, one each of earth, fire, air, and water. Each one is home to elemental spirits and consists entirely of a single type of elemental energy in various physical forms.

Primal chaos Edit

  • Also: primordial chaos, chaos plane

Primal chaos is a plane existing diametrically opposite the physical one, made of the same physical material but endlessly turbulent. It is the source of all Chaos magic.

Between Edit

Any space, physical or otherwise, that does not exist on one of the planes mentioned above is considered to exist Between. This includes the Temple of Fortune, the Devworld, and the Last Library, among others.

Beyond? Edit

As souls do not actually exist in the aether or physical planes, or any of the others, yet still exist somewhere (as their effects on the other planes may be observed), there may be another plane or state of existence not yet known.

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