Magic is the generic term for a number of different natural forces within the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

When the Source formed the D-Verse, It decided to allow the existence of magic (and possibly encourage it, though this is a matter of some debate). Regardless of the reason, magic is an integral part of the D-Verse - closely intertwined with the aether - and is thus considered a natural force despite its various effects that may be deemed unnatural by the unenlightened.

Magic in its purest and most potent form is known as the Divine Language, spoken by the Pantheon and to a lesser extent planetary spirits as well. Considered to be too powerful for mortals to handle, the infinite possibilities of the language were diluted, simplified, and compartmentalized, resulting in a variety of more specific magic types available to lesser beings.

Sources of magic Edit

Magic can come from three different sources, all of which are fundamentally different in execution: runes, planes, and individuals.

Runes are the most powerful source, being a streamlined version of the Divine Language. Though complex and difficult to learn - let alone master - the rune language has almost unlimited potential in terms of effects and potency, and completely ignores the Zone limitations of the other sources. Runes also serve as the source for several derivative magic types.

Planes of existence, other than the physical, are energy sources in addition to being destinations. The aether allows access to the elemental planes as well as the primal chaos, but may also serve as a source on its own.

Individuals, or more accurately individual instances of lifechaos, are the final source. The Deities (including the entropic Devourer) serve as sources accessible to the priests they favor; summoned entities - whether in friendship or under contract or thrall - serve in essentially the same way, though the qualities of the relationship are markedly different. Last of all, the lifechaos most mortals possess serves as a surprisingly potent energy source.

Runic magic Edit

Runic magic is based on possibilities. Rune magic itself realizes any possibility imaginable with the right balance, where its derivatives are constructed to evoke a single possibility by using a specific pre-balanced design.

Planar magic Edit

Planar magic is based on specific rules, allowing a reasonably consistent output if given a consistent input (with Chaos magic being the exception). These rules only function properly inside Zones, however.

Individualist magic Edit

Individualist magic is based on tapping the lifechaos of an individual (including hiveminds) and can be as capricious as the individuals themselves. While technically subject to Zones, this magic has a tendency to circumvent them by force of will alone.