A magic circle, or simply (always capitalized) a Circle, is an advanced type of spell in the D-Verse.

Origin Edit

Magic circles, also called rune circles due to being a derivative of rune magic, were first created by the Goddess Rosewood shortly after she witnessed a failed attempt at circle-based magic. By the act of creating the first proper Circle, Rosewood also created the aetheric framework allowing for the construction and activation of all future Circles.

Construction and operation Edit

Every Circle is, in essence, a shortcut that calls on a specific effect created by rune magic. Because the effect is already predetermined by the type of Circle, no rune balancing is required as long as the Circle itself is properly constructed.

In general, Circles are composed of the foundation, which is a circle of some size, and the build, which is everything within the foundation that sets it apart from every other Circle.

  • If the foundation is incorrect, the Circle will not function at all.
  • If the build is incorrect, the Circle may function abnormally or not at all, conceptually identical to an imbalanced rune or rune structure.

Most Circle use involves leaving the foundation incomplete until the Circle needs to be activated, at which point its user will 'fill in' the missing portion and activate it. Any time the foundation is complete, the Circle will function; there is no 'deactivation' possible apart from breaking the foundation.

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