Mindsilver is a substance common to all varieties of the D-Verse, except where noted.

Origin Edit

Mindsilver was originally designed as a structural material, meant for manipulation by the planetary spirits as a way of allowing them direct physical control over their respective worlds. Some of the material was drawn to aetherically active locations or otherwise removed from its planetary spirit's attentions, allowing its discovery and subsequent utilization by lesser beings.

Characteristics Edit

At first glance, mindsilver is indistinguishable from mercury; a highly reflective, almost mirror-like liquid metal. Further observation shows its considerably greater apparent viscosity, as well as its tendency to organize in forms or patterns that cannot reasonably be attributed to physical forces. This is explained by its inherent aetheric reactivity.

The primary difference between mindsilver and any other traditional metal is the former's inherent aetheric framework, which causes it to respond to the presence of a mind. Though its 'natural' state (found only by completely insulating it from the aether) is a thick liquid as mentioned above, mindsilver can be forced into any imaginable shape with the application of a suitably focused mind.

Natural occurrence Edit

On occasion, mindsilver is found in places where a planetary spirit is currently attempting physical reconstruction or has done so previously. At this point it may be in a variety of useful forms, but is most often in that of a crystalline solid. Due to its shaping by such a powerful mind, crystalline mindsilver from this source takes considerable time and effort to reshape.

Uses Edit

Due to its inherent instability, mindsilver is of considerably greater use to those with aetheric talents than those without.

Weapons and armor created from mindsilver are easy to repair but also vulnerable to stronger minds, limiting their use against aetherically inclined opponents. If kept hidden, however, a properly artificed mindsilver vest provides considerable protection against magic, its aetheric framework well-suited to absorbing and safely discharging excess magical energy. Quality mindsilver equipment is extremely pricy but also holds up better against mental assault, as its makers are able to properly solidify the framework beyond the ability of most minds to tamper with it in a hostile manner.