Miranda is the Goddess of Desire in the D-Verse, and one of the original members of the Pantheon.

Physical appearance Edit

Though Miranda's appearance in the mortal realms varies depending on circumstances, her true form is depicted with some accuracy in her section of "Of All Creation", as reproduced below.

She of the radiant golden hair, outshining the fiery stars as they die and are reborn;

the flawless ivory skin, that darkens to crimson as divine blood effuses it during her countless passions;
the warm and liquid blue eyes, reflecting the overarching heavens of worlds in their prime.

Miranda's hair is indeed a faintly luminous golden-blonde, though calling her skin 'ivory' is a bit of a stretch ('countless passions' less so); it more closely lies somewhere between pink and peach. The description of her eye color is correct as well. What the passage omits, however, is the goddess's body type.

The Goddess of Desire - unlike the rest of the generally slender Pantheon - is slightly shorter and quite curvy, generously gifted with weight in her hips, thighs, and chest; this fact she enjoys considerably, taking advantage of it to the maximum extent possible and emphasizing it in her clothing choices.

Personality Edit

"Of All Creation" has this description of Miranda's behavior.

When Miranda draws near, those of the lesser races are set afire by the burning desires they each hold within; when she turns away and hides her face, cold and mechanical rationality is all that remains. But she will not turn away frivolously, for she loves all creation without reservation.

A simpler version might say instead that Miranda's power, or mere presence, magnifies desire itself. Depending on the individual involved, it may further swell the magnitude of the strongest desire, or it may instead bring a previously hidden desire to light. All desire is Miranda's domain, including the desire for money, power, companionship, satiation of an appetite - any appetite - or even simply the desire to live.

When with the rest of the Pantheon, Miranda's nature drives her to be affectionate and flirtatious, in accordance with the natural desires of the other Deities and her own desire for comfort and happiness for all.

Manifestation Edit

The Goddess of Desire's appearance to mortals varies greatly, depending on their concept of beauty; she may be waifishly thin, massively overweight, or anywhere in between. She may have skin all along the spectrum, or even 'artificial' materials in place of it such as precious metals or jewels. She may be wearing richly colored outfits laden with jewelry and accessories, or nothing at all. Essentially, her manifestation in its entirety - at any given point - follows the dictates of her audience's desires almost exclusively. On occasion, however, Miranda may choose to assume a different shape to intentionally cause cognitive dissonance in the subject, which tends to cause a shakeup and the exposure of hidden, forgotten, or repressed desires - things which the goddess considers dangerous, or at least unhealthy.

Miranda never uses magical tools of any sort, as effectiveness in her domain requires only the goddess's inherent aura or presence, amiability, and - on rare occasions - physical contact. Of course, she prefers the last, whether it's actually required or not.

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