The Nilium Collective, or simply the Collective as it was originally known, is an interplanetary governmental body in the Nameless section of the D-Verse. Citizens of the government are called Nilians.

History Edit

After the passing of Unu Nilium, the Collective he founded was renamed the Nilium Collective in his honor to remind all citizens of his monumental efforts in the pursuit of knowledge, peace, and security.

General policies Edit

Citizenship Edit

Magic and technology Edit

Military service Edit

Taxes Edit

Nilian society Edit

Military Edit

The military arm of the Collective bears the name Nilian Self-Defense Force, or usually NSDF for short. The name is accurate, as Nilian influence is most often spread by other than military means; the only NSDF actions resembling an outright attack are its anti-piracy sorties, which are reactive rather than proactive in most cases.

The NSDF is technologically advanced in both standard and aetheric paths, as is the rest of the Collective, and most of its armaments are designed with defensive purposes in mind; however, its offensive strength is still quite formidable.

Organization Edit

The NSDF is divided into two groups: the Void Guard, which operates in the Void, and the Nilian Terrestrial Force, which operates on planetary surfaces. The Navy is further divided into fleets, and the NTF is organized geographically.

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