Orientation is the concept of strength and weakness in Devworld in reference to interaction between entities.

Classification Edit

Orientation is at most a three-part designation; if one of the parts is omitted, it is considered neutral or balanced. The three parts are role, position, and focus.

Role Edit

There are three roles: Attack, Defense, and Technical. The role of an orientation determines what types of abilities are used. Attack abilities cause harm to a target, Defense abilities prevent or reduce harm to a target, and Technical abilities change the environment or a target's attributes.

For a Construct, role selection affects the strength of its abilities, rather than increasing or reducing the number of abilities available for use. However, most advanced abilities have high energy costs which are not practical to use if not in a compatible role.

Position Edit

There are two positions: Ranged and Melee. The position of an orientation determines when and where abilities will be used. Ranged positions favor abilities used at a fair distance from the enemy, while Melee positions favor abilities used up close.

Position selection effectively does the same ability strength adjustment that role selection does; however, unlike role-based abilities, position-based abilities *are* eliminated, though this is a dynamic function of the distance to the target rather than the orientation attribute itself.

Focus Edit

There are two foci: Light and Shadow. The focus of an orientation determines how and why abilities will be used. Only Advanced Constructs have orientations with a focus. A Light focus lends itself more to brute force and is more powerful in the absolute. A Shadow focus, while weaker, is far more difficult to predict and thus also to counter or resist.

Focus selection is a hard limiter on abilities. A Construct with a Light focus may only use either neutral abilities or those with a Light focus, and likewise a Dark Construct may only use neutral or Dark abilities. Very few abilities have a focus, though a fair selection of advanced abilities do.

Devworld applications Edit

Both Cores and Constructs have orientation attributes, though Generated Cores are completely neutral by default.