A planetary seed (also 'planet seed', 'world seed' or any equivalent) is a device designed to create a planet or related celestial body where none currently exists. Seeds are primarily classified by their source; Divine Seeds are the product of one or more members of the Pantheon, whereas Nameless Seeds are the product of the third age of humanity, also known as the Nameless.

Divine Seeds Edit

Development Edit

The original complement of planets and other stellar objects in the D-Verse was a direct product of the Source's will, requiring no effort or direction from any of the Pantheon's members. When a large number of worlds were lost to the Devourer, a little experimentation revealed that world creation was an extremely time- and concentration-intensive process, and thus only a handful of worlds were remade, the Source being unwilling to upset all creation with direct intervention.

It was Tieria, God of Knowledge, who first proposed the idea of a standard template for stellar construction that would take care of the majority of the work of world creation, while still leaving enough room for variation so that the newly made planets would not all be similar. Thus the first Divine Seed was created and placed, reconstituting the third of nine planets in a previously imbalanced system while the entire Pantheon watched anxiously.

Once Rosewood joined the Pantheon and learned of the Divine Seeds' existence, she took the design and improved upon it greatly, adding and subtracting in such a way as to make future planet generation a much faster and yet much more customizable affair.

Limitations Edit

Divine Seeds are only capable of regenerating planets where they have existed before, not putting new ones in previously undefined locations. The only reason the first Seed worked (as well as the reason many subsequent Seeds did not, much to the Pantheon's frustration) was because of its proximity to the aetheric imprint of the disappeared planet. Imprints can never fade, created and maintained as they are by the will of the Source, nor can they be created indiscriminately, since the Source will only extremely rarely exercise its power.

Employment Edit

Due to its method of production, the employment of a Divine Seed is a very simple matter for any Deity and a near impossibility for anyone else. From the divine perspective, one must simply place the Seed in the imprint where it is supposed to go and turn it on, and the interaction of the Seed with the physical plane and the aether will do the rest. Placement and activation is a completely different matter for those lacking the particular perspective and sheer power that are hallmarks of divinity.

Nameless Seeds Edit

Development Edit

During the first age of galactic expansion, constant warfare between certain factions of the Nameless resulted in the complete destruction of multiple planets. Some were shattered into countless fragments, others were atomized, and yet others were burned away to oblivion. Once the conflicts were ended or at least held in check, research began in earnest on a device that could reconstitute the missing planets, returning their systems to a more balanced state as was previously the case. (incomplete)

Limitations Edit

Nameless Seeds are subject to the same restrictions on placement as Divine Seeds. In addition, without the magical strength of the divine to hold them in check, the Seeds produced by the Nameless are extremely unstable in their final form. Certain components of these Seeds may be held in a dormant state to prolong their usefulness, but once fully assembled a Nameless Seed must be activated immediately to prevent degradation or complete failure of the world creation attempt.

Employment Edit

Proper placement of a Nameless Seed is, for mortals, a complicated operation requiring a great deal of math including orbital mechanics. As well as being at the center of the imprint and moving at the correct speed, the Seed must also be at the correct position of the orbital path; most of this must be done manually, as while a Nameless Seed is equipped with certain automatic course correction and guidance subsystems, they are nowhere near as potent as those of a Divine Seed, particularly the Mark II's upgraded subsystems which can find its proper position from halfway across a galaxy and fly to it otherwise unaided.

Activation of a Nameless Seed is the same as that of a Divine Seed, which is to say it is extremely complex for those without the power Deities have to turn it on with a thought. In the absence of that power there are three ways to activate a Seed: by technology, by magic, or by a combination of the two. The combined approach has been found to be both the most effective, with a 98% success rate, but also the most time- and resource-intensive.

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