The Rose Kingdom in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse refers to both the militaristic monarchy and the continent it claims as its own.

Geography Edit

The Rose Kingdom - referring to the continent - has a variety of features on its landmass; rolling plains and a thick forest surround the capital city, beyond it to the north lies several ranges of mountains, and to the south a vast desert stretches from coast to coast (and also contains an aetheric gate). The desert section is mostly unused, but almost all of the arable land is utilized to the fullest extent possible, providing the goverment a ready source of population sustainment and income from exports.

Politics Edit

Although the military side of the country is strong, the expansionist tendencies of the government were apparently satisfied once the whole continent was taken under control; since that time the general policy has been focused on self-defense and technological advancement. Immigration is almost nonexistent, and even simply visiting the country is a closely controlled and highly regulated process that can take several months or longer.

Military Edit

The Rose Navy is the strongest naval entity on the planet, a claim that has (for the most part) gone entirely uncontested. The ships that are employed are both extremely capable and highly symbolic of the government's rule and enforcement ability. In addition, the country is the most active and experienced producer of fire spiders, which serve to project military might in places inaccessible by the Navy.