The Rosewood Saga section of the D-Verse is a single, generally continuous story of the life of Rosewood, the only Deity of the Pantheon who began existence as a mortal.

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Prologue Edit

The Saga's true beginning is set several hundred Terran years before Rosewood's actual birth, when Eris set the wheels in motion for everything to occur.

Since losing her one-time companion Parvait, the Goddess of Chaos desires a true consort of her own, one recognized by the Source as hers. Having failed thus far to raise one from among the mortal races, she engineers a plot to accelerate the process by essentially sacrificing an entire race of beings, converting their lifechaos into a far different and much more magically active form. This succeeds in part due to its subtlety and misdirection, as only later is Eris's involvement discovered, and also because the scheme itself is entirely out of character for her, the goddess almost exclusively desiring to preserve lifechaos and potential whenever possible. It is, in fact, the only instance (pre-Rosewood) of Eris's personal desires overcoming her obsession with lifechaos preservation.

Once Eris's plot comes to fruition, humanity - subsequently referred to as 'the first humanity', e.g. in Of All Creation - is lost, separated into angels and demons in an event called the Great Division. Interbreeding between the two races produces Hybrids, a magic-saturated race that serves as Eris's consort candidate pool. After the first round, the angels and demons are relocated to alternate spatial dimensions of their own, the Hybrids spreading across the face of Terra and further interbreeding. Each successive generation retains less of the forcibly induced magical potential, coming to be known as the Lesser, the fourth segment of the second humanity.

Shortly after the Great Division, Eris sets several other plans in motion; she produces two fully independent constructs (Raycrisis and Illfortune), distributes a large collection of Shards, and creates a fourth spatial dimension overlaying the planet that houses all the world's dragons.

The prologue ends some 300 years later with the tumultuous union of an angel named Eve and a demoness named Lilith, producing Rosewood: the first new Hybrid since the Great Division.

Cleric arc Edit

The following details are from the original incarnation of this arc, which is subject to change.

The Cleric arc gained its name from its opening chapter, following Rosewood's journey as he takes his healing arts - and his White Cross title - on the road, following his divinely sourced dreams. Along the way he uses his magical powers to destroy diseases and poisons, since 'Destruction magic' (now Void magic) is all he is capable of using thanks to the Seal of Destruction on his back.

Later on Rosewood meets the Master Key, Eris's Avatar (though this is not immediately clear to him). Due to a magical mishap exacerbated by the Key's interference soon after, he loses the Seal, gains the Rune of Ascension in its place, and takes on a completely female form. It is at this point that Rosewood has a dream conversation with her patron Deity that provides her primary objective from that point on: to learn about, though not necessarily practice, all available forms of magic.

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