Seraya is a character in the Steampunk section of the D-Verse, as well as being a name common to several other 'verses.

Bio Edit

Seraya, who claims no other name, is a professional pirate, treasure hunter, and lecherous rogue. She spends the vast majority of her time drinking, chasing skirts, and getting richer by various methods, combining them as much as she can possibly manage.

Appearance Edit

She stands all of 163 cm (5'4") and weighs somewhere around 68 kg (150 lbs), with short and somewhat boyish blonde hair and bright sapphire eyes. For pirating, she wears small shorts and an equally small top, with a captain's tricorner hat and a fur-trimmed ankle-length longcoat hiding her cutlass and pistol.

History Edit

Seraya served most of the formative years of her youth as a pirate's wench, leading her naturally towards a life of brawls, plundering, and carousing. Ever a quick learner, she gathered a group of like-minded women to form a pirate crew and began causing no end of trouble for the authorities, stealing anything she could take and wooing any ladies she came across. She crossed paths with Unu Nilium with enough frequency to form a friendly rivalry, and spends a fair chunk of her money at Cynthia's bar whenever she's in the area.

Titles, Honors, Nicknames Edit

  • Dread Pirate - occupational

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