Siguna is the God of Sound in the D-Verse, and one of the original members of the Pantheon.

Physical appearance Edit

Siguna maintains a fairly consistent appearance for the most part, with "Of All Creation" providing the description that follows.

He whose shoulder-length hair is the ethereal, gently whispering silver of stardust;

whose light brown skin fairly glows with vibrant energy, resonant with barely-contained melodies;
whose entrancing crimson eyes well reflect his lively personality and mysterious aura.

Stardust has no specific color, not being a single particular substance in its own right, but ethereal silver is a fair enough attempt at describing the shade and appearance of Siguna's hair. The glow of his skin refers more to a personality characteristic than any actual luminosity, which is to be expected from a work contained in the Divine Archive, and the description of his eyes is reasonably accurate as well.

The passage does notably omit certain attributes of Siguna's appearance due to his status as a performance artist and also as something of a drama queen; his posture, gestures, movements, and choice of apparel (or lack thereof) are all a part of his tendency to be at the center of attention, most often by his own design.

Personality Edit

"Of All Creation" further describes Siguna with these words.

The Singer of the All-Melody, the Orator of the Infinite; from nothingness Siguna weaves music, from emptiness he forges languages and words. When his full fury is unleashed, mind-shattering noise reaves souls into shreds and then into nothing; when his eyes grow dim, a terrifying pall of silence rests heavily upon all life.

Though something of an exaggeration, the description of Siguna's complete mastery of his domain is in no way untrue. He creates communication itself, from words to noises and everything inbetween, whether human or animal or otherwise; he - and his priests - can understand and be understood regardless of any language barrier. Siguna himself, and by extension each Avatar of his, is a socialite who loves being around people as much as possible; however, he possesses a rather volatile temper which can lead to significant theatrics - and unlike mortal drama queens, the God of Sound has more than enough power for both his grand entrances and his cataclysmic exits.

Manifestation Edit

Siguna is something of a rarity among the Deities insofar as he generally sticks to a single manifested form of choice, or two if you count the female version separately. Ever soft-spoken with light brown skin, sparkling silver hair - occasionally with streaks of other colors - and a pair of twinkling crimson eyes, he chooses to emulate the dress of performance artists wherever he goes. His Avatars often play any and every part available, from the luxuriously wealthy lead vocalist to the poorest street urchin with the voice of a songbird. Music is Siguna's highest passion, and one that he uses to induce and manipulate emotion in the hearts of mortals throughout all creation.

Although experienced with every musical instrument in existence, wind and percussion and all others besides, Siguna maintains that his favorite by far is the kazoo because it makes him smile. His personal variety, which does not bear a name of its own, is a simple wedge-shaped one, capable of a vast range of vocal modification thanks to its body of mindsilver and membrane of an exceedingly thin aetheric crystal wafer.

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