A solar spirit is an administrative entity that oversees the actions of its subordinate planetary spirits.

Origin and purpose Edit

Solar spirits were first created moments after the planetary spirits came into being, when the Pantheon noticed the difficulty planetary spirits had in long-distance communication. In order to allow them to better focus on their own affairs, planetary spirits were limited to communicating with those other spirits in their own system, including the solar spirit(s) in residence. While solar spirits were originally imagined simply as a long-range communications system, they exist as entities in their own right who can communicate with each other in addition to providing guidance to their 'children', the spirits of the planets that orbit their host star.

Function Edit

Much like a planetary spirit, a solar spirit is primarily concerned with balance. However, its area of control encompasses an entire system and the balance among its planets.

In general, the most a solar spirit needs to do is make minor adjustments to the orbit of a planet to stabilize its position and aetheric imprint, or retune the output of its host star. However, the solar spirit is directly responsible for maintaining both the system's balance and the star's continued existence; in the face of any external threats to either, it is the first and last line of defense (barring any external support elements).

Solar spirits also retain their original communications functions, allowing contact with other solar spirits from one end of the galaxy to the other as well as (on extremely rare occasions) the Pantheon itself.

Appearance Edit

The vast majority of mortals are entirely unaware of the solar spirits' existence, since they are even more scarce than the planetary spirits. When a solar spirit manifests, it is as a flame, the same color as its host star.