The Sword of Illfortune or Misfortune Sword is an artifact that appears in the Saga. It is the sealed form of the Erisian construct Illfortune.

History Edit

At the beginning of the Second Age of humanity, the Goddess of Chaos created Illfortune and set her (and her 'sister' Raycrisis) loose upon the world to interfere with the normal flow of things. Eventually, Illfortune's powers were sealed and her physical form was reduced to that of a sword, named the Sword of Illfortune. Over time the sword gained a number of other various names, most commonly 'Misfortune Sword' or simply 'Misfortune', mainly due to the curious fates of many of its wielders.

After time the sword ended up - as did most artifacts of the time period - locked in one of the vaults deep underneath Sanctuary, capital of the Brotherhood of the Light. After more time the sword was at last freed from its containment by a combination of then-mortal Rosewood and the Master Key, and a short time later Rosewood herself was able to remove the seal and restore Illfortune to her original form.

Appearance Edit

Under normal conditions, the Sword of Illfortune is a fairly plain shortsword, no more than three feet long. The blade itself is a full two feet worth of chromium-darksteel alloy, two inches wide, double-edged and tapered to a fine point. The crossguard is three inches wide and two inches long,

Characteristics Edit

The Sword of Illfortune is similar to the Astral Breaker artifact class insofar as it can interrupt or cancel out aetheric patterns such as the ones that form Zones; however, Illfortune herself takes care of the structural damage that would result by simply ejecting the disturbed aether through the tip of the blade.

Conjured version Edit

When returned to her original form, Illfortune is able to create two copies of the Sword of Illfortune, identical to the original apart from their faint bluish glow and their lack of an internal personality. The swords disappear on command or when broken, or if Illfortune is somehow sufficiently distracted.

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